Homerton May Ball 2017

May Ball is a ball at the end of the academic year that takes place at any of the colleges. We have it here in Cambridge, and Oxford does it too. It starts around 6-9pm and ends at 5am, with unlimited food and drinks and lots to do. I knew I’ll be going to one and brought a gown from home (planning ahead you know; thank goodness I could still fit in it, given the fact that I bought it two years ago!).


St. John’s May Ball is renowned world-wide but it’s more about who you go with. As most of my friends are from Homerton, it was an easy decision to make. I unintentionally avoided the queue since I didn’t get back to Cambridge till 9 coming back straight from a holiday in Spain. I didn’t mind getting in late because it’s all night long. There were inflatable ball pit, swing rides, helter skelter, live music performances, dance tutorials, face painting and so much more. I loved the ballroom and latin dance session. They were doing one of my favourite dances – Jive – when we joined. It was the silent disco that kept us up all night! My friends were impressed with my posing skills in the photo booth LOL We Asians are very well trained indeed :p

To be honest, I think I’m too old for unlimited food and drink and party till sunrise. I definitely didn’t make it worth even a quarter of the amount that I’ve paid but that’s not the point; I’ve had an amazing time with my friends and that’s all that matters (though I wish I have a date). At the end of the night, at 5 in the morning, those who made it would take a “survivors’ photo”. You have no idea how overjoyed I was at the thought of shower and hitting the sack!

It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience but I’m so glad that I’m only going to one (I know someone who’s going to 4!). I went to bed at 6.30 this morning and had 6-hour sleep. After “breakfast”, food shop, laundry and Skyping with my family, I took another 3-hour nap at 6; I finally felt better at 11 after a very late dinner. I don’t think I’ll be fully recovered and get back to my normal routine in a couple days. It’s hard to focus and work indoor during May Week with so much fun stuff going on and the weather being so nice outside. However, with my thesis deadline in three weeks’ time, and having been away for a week, I really need to get back to work 😦